SAFE and its Repair and Rewinding center solve break downs for all kinds of Electrical Rotating Machines. Warranty backed services include rewinding , Repairing and Maintenance of AC/DC Motors , alternators, Explosion proof Motors, Gear Motor , Dynamic Balancing and Pumps

We at SAFE, consider customer satisfaction our number one priority. SAFE maintains a standard of excellence to the Rotating Machine industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we are committed to providing our customers with quality, cost-effective services on time.

SAFE is a subsidiary of Abu Nayyan Group, a national leader engaged in trading, manufacturing, services and investment in diverse markets. AAG is turnkey partner in water and energy applications. With a market supremacy in the region, the company is well known for its unique vision, progressive management and above all for its exemplary Quality.

SAFE is an authorized distributor as well as Service Center for various international Brands